Acetate Satin is a unique kind of ribbon that is stiffer and flatter than normal woven satin. It is often used for Name Badge add-ons, Cutting Ceremony Ribbon, Bookmark Ribbon, Sash Ribbon, Award Ribbon, Cake Bands and other special applications where a flat ribbon is needed. Where as regular woven Satin ribbon is soft and flowing, Acetate Satin is more rigid and stays in place.


  • Smooth satin finish on one side and the same color, but unfinished on the other.
  • Very strong, yet easy to cut – it cannot typically be used for sewing.
  • Perfect for Foil (Hot) Stamping.
  • Made from wood pulp fiber – Biodegradable.
  • Great for creating BIG Bows!

Because of it’s inherent stiffness, Acetate Satin Ribbon is not suitable for tying into knotted bows; however large elegant bows can be formed following a special fold-pinch-and-fan procedure.

It’s Biodegradable!
Acetate Satin is created from wood pulp fibers and is therefore considered biodegradable and earth friendly.

This is a great material with many wonderful applications!

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