Our Custom Printed Ribbon is created using a print process called Hot Stamping. This is a ONE Color, Solids Only process. The print is considered Medium Durability. While the print is considered water resistant; IT IS NOT waterproof nor grease-proof.

Hot Stamp printed ribbon is perfect for temporary packaging and decoration – but NOT permanent applications – like garment tags, product labeling or most wear accessory applications (like Hair Bows, Bands and Bracelets).

Some of the positive characteristics of Hot Stamp print ribbon are:

  • Economical Short Runs
  • Fast Turnaround – Dry Inks (foils)
  • Ability to print true Metallic inks

If you require a higher print durability, the next step up is process called Screen Printing. Screen Printing (also called Silk Screening) is a Wet Ink process and is particularly well suited for printing on Grosgrain ribbon. Screen Printing usually requires a large order length commitment (2,000 to 5,000 yards) with typical delivery times of around six weeks.

Most printed ribbon vendors specialize in one print process. If you need something other than Hot Stamp printed ribbon, you will need to perform a Google search using the print process to seek out the best vendor.

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